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Andrew and Lexi

I felt these questions helped us to address some important topics. I wasn’t super excited to do counseling because I felt so stressed about grad school and didn’t think we had time. However, I’m really glad we chose to do it. I see now why counseling before marriage is important. We were able to really talk through some things that I thought we already knew about each other. I realized that no matter how compatible you are with someone, you will still have disagreements and differences. I enjoyed our quality time together during this process.  – Andrew

I really enjoyed doing this counseling! I was extremely worried that we wouldn’t be able to get quality counseling during this pandemic, and counseling was super important to me. I knew the value that it would provide us before our big day. Reverend Frank’s content was so good and gave us great conversations. I feel so confident in where we are in our relationship. I was already over the moon about marrying Andrew, but now I’m even more confident that we can face any challenge ahead. I loved how this program allowed us the freedom to go at our own pace and work on it when we had the time. We are extremely busy people and this was the perfect match for us. Thanks so much for everything! – Lexi