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Amelia and De Ping 

I would say it’s been an interesting journey, and this course has made me explore areas I haven’t thought too much about. These things actually molded my behavior and how I handle my daily decisions. So, for me, it was a journey of self-exploration apart from getting to know my partner better. This also encouraged open conversations between us, and it made sharing more comfortable which is a good start for our future. It was Past, Present and Future all set into thoughts which was a good review of life for me. – Amelia

It was a deep soul-searching experience that made us think and review our lives. It showed us how our culture and differences affected our current selves, and this helped us understand each other better. It was enjoyable to talk about our future plans, family planning and getting to know how she felt and thought was interesting. It gave us time to sit down, think and discuss our future plans. Lately, many things have cropped up this year and our plans haven’t been very smooth. The major setback is her health and with that as a new priority we had many things to re-think. These sessions helped us settle our thoughts and set our minds aligned. – De Ping