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Amanda and Rodney

I feel the process of marriage counseling not only validated my choice and feelings for Rodney, but they also grew. I knew of my love for him, but hearing the way we loved each other made me realize I couldn’t wait to call this sweet man my husband. This was the most enjoyable part for me. There is not much we do not share with each other; however, the section issues were helpful in discussing a couple things we have not been able to solve yet. I am grateful for deciding to take counseling with my future husband, and will hold on to the lessons it has taught us during both the good and bad times. Amanda

Thank you for allowing us to open up with each other more through your easy to walk through course. The lessons were enjoyable. We shared tears, laughter, and our feelings with each other each step of the way. We were already open with each other before, but the course helped us touch on things that needed further discussion and attention. But moreover, the course helped me realize I was making the perfect choice on the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Forever grateful for what these lessons showed me and helped further prove for me. Rodney