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Aimee and Max

I enjoyed this course for several reasons. I am Catholic but it was easily digestible for my fiance who is Christian. The questions in the worksheets asked about core feelings that affect every aspect of our marriage. I feel that our communication has improved after taking this course. We have a better sense of how to deal with big and small issues as they arise in our marriage. It also reinforced the fact that we love each other so much and at the end of the day, that is what this whole wedding is about.

The course format was helpful for two individuals with crazy work schedules. It also forced us to carve out time to connect which we sometimes forget about in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. Your suggestions for making a date night surrounding these conversations not only helped our relationship grow, but also made this something fun. I recommend this course for anyone getting married regardless of if they are Catholic or not. – Aimee

I really found this course to be helpful. It not only allowed me to feel closer to God and better with my faith, but it enabled us as a couple about to get married to have conversations that were much needed. It was great to hear about my future partner’s goals/life plans and really break down our core values. Everything was easily broken down, and I enjoyed the format of the conversations and the overall course itself.

I feel that this will honestly set us up for success as we head towards our big day. I feel like we became closer through this and will be stronger for it as well. As issues arise throughout our marriage, we will be prepared to approach them and power through in a way that’s healthy for our relationship. I would tell other couples to take advantage of this course regardless of their faith, as it provided us with a tremendous amount of growth as a couple. – Max