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Weston and Haley

Hey Dr. Rev. Frank just wanted to say the course was awesome I enjoyed having deep conversations with my future wife. The steps and most the conversations were easy for us I feel. Largely because we already do the things in this course on a daily basis but it made me more at ease knowing that we are well on our way to great things. I would recommend this course to any newly engaged couple. Matter of fact I wish it was a requirement these days. I will continue to do the steps or look back on the conversations if we for some reason ever lose track of things. Thanks again.  – Weston

I had a really great experience with this course. It really taught me how to not be so selfish in a relationship not only with Weston but with any of my relationships. I most enjoyed the conflict resolution section because I had an issue with trying to resolve anything. I think this course contributed a bunch to our preparation for marriage because we both had issues with conflict resolution and it taught us how to have a successful conversation. – Haley