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Shelby and Traver – We Feel Closer Than Ever!

Shelby and Traver completed the Basic Marriage Prep course from They say it was a fantasticshelby and traver feel closer than ever after taking a marriage prep course from opportunity to reconnect. Now, as they head into marriage, they feel closer than ever!

I am really glad we took the time to do this course. It was a great opportunity for us to dedicate time and focus all of our attention on each other and really connect. You don’t always realize how important that is for a relationship until you actually do it. The prompts inspired discussions that – more than ever – made me feel more connected and closer to my partner! I can really see these learnings being helpful throughout our marriage. I would definitely recommend this course to other couples. – Shelby

I enjoyed this marriage counseling course because it showed me and my fiance what to expect in marriage and how to tackle any challenges that may come our way. Specifically, one of the helpful items this course provided was “How to resolve our conflicts”. Another helpful topic we discussed was to make sure my fiancé and I are on the same page financially. That conversation .brought to the table things that we had not thought of before. I would recommend this course to other couples because I feel closer to my fiancé and even more excited to marry her. – Traver

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