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Sam and Kevin – Working Through Difficult Conversations

Sam and Kevin recently completed the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (Pre-Cana) with  Although Sam is not Catholic they both found that the course introduced them to some new topics, encouraging them to have some difficult conversations before the wedding.

Here’s more of what they said:

I really enjoyed the Pre Cana course. We have been doing couples counseling in preparation for the wedding and a lot of the topics were similar. Itworking through difficult conversations in premarital counseling allowed us to revisit some important topics and have those sometimes difficult but necessary discussions with each other prior to our wedding day. I really enjoyed the section “Our Wedding Day” because it made me think of what I want to focus on: not only the wedding day but also after the wedding day. These discussions on all the topics were great and make me feel even more comfortable going into the wedding day. – Sam

This Pre Cana course was fantastic and very helpful. I am a lifelong Catholic and despite Sam not being baptized nor having any religious affiliation, it felt very comfortable to do between us. It allowed us to talk about many different topics and the questions were very thought provoking. I really enjoyed the section on Parents because it made me reflect on everything my parents have done for me and reminded me to show appreciation to them – during the wedding planning and on the day – for raising me to become who I am, which led me to Sam and our future. – Kevin

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