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Ralston and Barbara – Enjoyed the Prayers Within The Course

Ralston and Barbara took the Christian (Non-Denominational) Course and found the prayers within the course,Ralston and Barbara benefitted from the marriage prep prayers and guidelines as well as the guidelines, to be relevant and informative, setting the two of them on the right path for their future together.

At first, I was apprehensive about doing the course but as I started watching the videos and going through the contents, I realized that there was so much information that was relevant to our circumstances.  The prayers and the guidelines have been a Godsend because it has been enlightening and informative to both of us.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is planning on getting married. It will definitely assist them by putting them on the right path to a successful marriage. – Ralston

I found the guidelines, videos, and prayers throughout the course to be very informative and on point.  I would definitely recommend this course to couples planning to get married and I hope the content will have the same positive effect on them as it has had on us. Thanks again for such a wonderful course to use as a guideline to assist us throughout our future together. – Barbara

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