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Many of the couples who meet me for the first time are apprehensive about pre-marital counseling. They wonder if I’m going to judge them, evaluate their compatibility, pry and make them feel uncomfortable. They are surprised. Here’s what one groom wrote in his evaluation:

Andy: The course was absolutely fantastic! The experience of discussing life’s most important issues with the woman I love in such a safe and inviting atmosphere was one of the best things I’ve done. Although some conversations were tough, ultimately there is no doubt our relationship is far the better after our time with you. On a personal/professional level, you are everything we could have hoped for – courteous, insightful, honest and calming at all the right times. We can’t thank you enough for walking us through this process and helping us understand each other better.

Anne: Thank you so much for facilitating such a wonderful marriage prep class. Each lesson we went through was extremely valuable in helping us grow closer as a couple. Although we had discussed many of the topics before, your framework helped us take a new perspective and learn even more about each other’s feelings and ideas. This entire experience has been incredibly beneficial. Your first-hand accounts of your happy family and marriage are extremely encouraging and comforting which made the course even better! I can’t thank you enough for guiding us through this process together.

If couples think of marriage preparation as “counseling,” they can so easily think of it as diagnostic – what’s wrong with our relationship and how do we need to improve if we’re to be married? But if couples think of it as “coaching,” they discover that it’s all about making a great and loving relationship even greater and more loving. That’s what my courses are all about, and I’m very happy to continue to offer this wonderful coaching experience to more and more couples every year.  Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson

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