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Is the Christian, Non-Denominational eCourse for us??

How do we know which eCourse to choose? If you both come from active faith, non-Catholic  traditions  and would be open to having each of your conversations begin with a brief scripture, then the Christian non-denominational (Protestant) eCourse is likely the choice for you. Here’s what Alison and Tom had to say about the course:

Alison and Tom: This course allows couples to feel love and embrace each other’s presents and all God has offered.  It helped us to learn to open up more with dialog about a variety of topics and helped to move our conversations in a positive way. I would highly recommend this course to others because it was very beneficial in helping us be more aware of each other’s beliefs and backgrounds. You learn a lot about yourself and your partner, and it helps you start marriage off on the right foot. Plus, it was fun!

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