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Matthew and Jacqueline – Solidifying Their Relationship

Solidifying Their Relationship through marriage prep

Matthew and Jacqueline took the Basic (Non-Religious) Course from and learned some new things about each other, creating deeper intimacy that solidified their relationship.

The talking points provided a valuable framework that allowed us to reflect on our relationship in a profound way. It was truly eye-opening to revisit these conversations and realize that we had already engaged in many of them before, but with new insights and evolved perspectives, some of our answers had changed while others remained consistent. We are immensely thankful for the availability of this course, as it has played a significant role in our ongoing journey of growth and connection. Thank you again for this opportunity. – Matthew

I really enjoyed the talking points. I loved that I could look upon these and realize we have already shared most of these conversations before, but some of the answers have changed and others remain consistent. I did cry a lot, especially when talking about my background, but I think they were healing tears. Of course, Matty was right here with me and like he always does – he hugs me and gives me his supportive smile and touch.

To other couples: start asking these questions early. I am thankful that Matthew liked to play the question games, particularly with deeper conversations, at the beginning of our dating. We wanted to know these things about each other, and I think it really helped solidify our friendship and our relationship. We already knew our values. I did, of course, learn a few new things about him during this course and I also enjoyed hearing old sentiments that he expressed to me again. – Jacqueline

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