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Lucy and Zach are one of the many happy couples who took the Roman Catholic eCourse from OnlineMarriagePreparation. Here’s what they had to say after taking the course and how it helped them to connect amidst the chaos and busyness of wedding planning:

The marriage prep course was a great way for my fiance and I to sit down and connect amidst the chaos and busyness of wedding planning. It opened my eyes to how much I love and appreciate Zach, and what I can do to be a good wife for him. It included many thought-provoking questions which we may not have discussed had it not been for this course. Thank you for preparing such a thorough course to get us ready for our future! We now feel more prepared to embark on a lifetime together, and are looking forward to more deep discussions like these.
– Lucy

This course enabled me to deeply think about how much Lucy means to me.  Of course, I already knew how much I loved her and had some ideas surrounding how our future would play out, but the coursework allowed me to reflect on the two of us as a couple and how we can grow together to create the perfect life together. While reviewing our answers, we were able to connect on an emotional level which opened each other up to share opinions and feelings. This course helped me focus and dial in on what Lucy means to me and the actions needed from me to be the best husband possible for her. The open dialogue while discussing our answers was very refreshing and absolutely key to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship with my future wife. I am very excited to create a future with Lucy, provide for her, and start a family together!
– Zach

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