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Kenneth and Jessica – Working through conflict using guided conversations

working through conflictKenneth and Jessica recently completed the Basic Online Marriage Preparation course from They particularly enjoyed the chapter on “Issues” as it guided them through a healthy conversation on getting over conflict and recognizing that they need to give each other space during times of conflict.

Here is what Kenneth and Jessica had to say about their experience:

I want to thank you for this course as it’s really allowed us to get even closer and ask a lot of questions that otherwise may not have been discussed. We have had some struggles getting over conflict, so the issues chapter certainly helped us. I’ve realized I need to truly give her space when she gets heated and come back and continue the conversation another day versus continuing to push her until she falls over the ledge. I believe this was very helpful and we are both firm believers in counseling and having sessions such as these from time to time to truly ‘bring us back to earth’, if that makes sense. I also loved the fact that it opened up so many new topics and discussions that we haven’t necessarily brought up before. As far as helpful – absolutely, and would this be something I recommend to folks in the future? Absolutely, so thank you!” – Kenneth

I didn’t know what to expect before we started the course and initially thought that it wouldn’t be the best use of our time since we already see eye to eye on every topic, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the guided conversations and new perspectives. Being able to have these conversations on a deeper level before our wedding day makes me even more sure I of my future husband. Thank you for everything! – Jessica