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Kathy and Ethan – Catholic Pre-Cana Improves Communication

Kathy and Ethan took the Catholic Marriage Prep course  (Pre-Cana) and enjoyed being able to set aside time to build a stronger foundation in their relationship and gain skills that helped them improve communication and conflict engaged couple smile after having taken the catholic pre-cana course

Here’s how they explained it:

I really enjoyed this course! I think the prompts were thought-provoking without being repetitive. I think they were perfect prompts to make myself reflect on thoughts from many different perspectives. I liked how there was a fair amount of individual work to be done in order to be introspective, but then there was a guided space to share all of our thoughts. I found the course very helpful in terms of highlighting the most important responsibilities of married life. I would tell other couples that Pre-Cana is essential in marriage preparation in order to put intentional time aside to discuss all the nuances of marriage! – Kathy

We found the course to be incredibly helpful in preparing us for our upcoming marriage. One aspect that we particularly enjoyed was the opportunity to discuss important topics such as communication, conflict resolution, and shared values with our fellow engaged couples. We also appreciated the insights shared by the experienced married couple who spoke during the course. Overall, we feel that the course helped us to build a stronger foundation for our relationship and provided us with valuable tools for navigating the ups and downs of married life. We highly recommend others to consider taking a Pre-Cana course as well. – Ethan

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