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Joseph and Celia – Open Communication in their Second Marriage

As they enter their second marriage, Joseph and Cecelia say that they enjoyed the opportunity to work through the Catholic Marriage Prep Course at  They found themselves discussing and learning from their past marriages: what worked and what didn’t work. In addition, they committed to continue using open communication with each other to help ensure a successful, second marriage.

Here’s how they explained it:Man and women pose for an engagement picture in front of Christmas decorations.

Dear Reverend Frank, first of all, my wife and I both want to tell you how informative your course was, and how much it would help younger folks prior to getting married. A little background on our situation, my wife, Cece and I were married in 2016.  I have recently been granted an annulment from the church because my wife and I wish to have our marriage blessed by the church. In order to do this, we found out we needed to take a pre-Cana course which could be done online.  We picked your course and have enjoyed it. – Joseph

Thank you so much for your very informative class. This was good and I can see parts of it being used at marriage retreats as well. Being second marriages for both of us, we have learned things not to do.  We spent a lot of time talking about the pluses and minuses of our previous marriages and what we expected from this one. In these past 6 years, we have made a point to keeping our communication open with each other. Thank you for your class and for the videos. – Cecelia we also offer a Basic (non-religious) Marriage Prep Course and a Christian Marriage Prep Course