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Johanna and Aidan – Enjoyed Learning How to Solve Conflict

Johanna and Aidan recently completed the Catholic Marriage Prep Course from Online Marriage Preparation. They both were impressedthis couple enjoyed learning to solve conflict in a healthy way when they took the catholic marriage prep course from with the section on “Issues”, where they enjoyed learning how to solve conflict in healthy ways.

I had a lot of fun completing the guided conversations; the one I had the most fun with was Our Love Life. I enjoy getting my husband’s perspective on our past five years, and I admire all the important topics brought up to ensure getting married is the right choice for a couple. I really appreciated the Issues guided conversation because it allowed us to break it down into smaller steps so we could more effectively resolve the issue and talk about it amicably. – Johanna

I enjoyed getting to reminisce about my relationship with my fiancée. The questions about our times together and our feelings were especially fun to talk about. The most helpful part in my opinion is the rules for resolving conflict. I think it’s essential for any relationship to use these if they want it to last. And to other couples I’d say to make sure and work on it well before a deadline if you have one to make sure you can get the most enjoyment out of it because it really is a pleasant guide. – Aidan

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