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Jesus and Markisha – Resolving Conflict in Healthy Ways

Resolving conflict in healthy ways is one benefit that Jesus and Markisha experienced from the Basic Marriage Prep Course. They also learned to resolve conflict in healthy ways, ensuring the two of them were on the same page regarding a number of issues.resolving conflict in healthy ways

This course was very informative, and I learned a lot more about my fiancé.  I enjoyed the conversations we were able to have and I learned how to resolve conflict in a healthier way. For new couples I’d suggest that you make a date night out of all the courses because some can become stressful and if you are more relaxed it will make it more enjoyable for y’all. – Jesus

I loved this course a lot! It asked questions that we had not yet discussed, and I found them helpful and interesting. This course helped to make sure that me and my fiance were on the same page on a couple of important issues. For other couples I’d say make sure that y’all both take this seriously because it will honestly help to bring you and your loved one closer together.- Markisha

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