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Jeanette and Robert – Feeling More Prepared for Marriage

Jeanette and Robert took Catholic Marriage Prep from and they found the format of the online platform and program incredibly convenient for their busy schedules and the are feeling more prepared for marriage after having completed the premarital course:

Something that I enjoyed about this experience most was sitting down with my partner and discussing important topics that need to be talked about within our marriage. The most helpful for me were the guided exercises. This has helped me feel more prepared for marriage by taking our first steps into having deep conversations with my partner. I would say that this course is something that will definitely help one’s marriage become stronger. This course was also convenient for us since we both ran on different schedules, but the course made it easy for us to complete within a reasonable time. I would continue recommending it to family and friends for ease and accessibility. -Robert

Dear Rev. Frank, my experience with the Catholic Online Marriage Preparation course was great. This online platform was soJeanette and Robert - Feeling More Prepared for Marriage after taking catholic marriage preparation convenient and helpful for us in the months leading up to our wedding. Over the last year, we have undergone couples counseling in preparation for our wedding. We felt this course reiterated some of those very important topics every couple should discuss and helped strengthen that foundation we had already received from therapy. I truly enjoyed the format of the class and how each of the conversations was so engaging and eye-opening. My favorite section was “Doing our Part,” as it helped really better understand our daily routine and how we can better help each other in this marriage. I would definitely recommend this course to friends and family looking for an interactive, easy to follow lesson plan. Jeanette



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