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Jahat and Alexandra – Learning to Communicate Better

Jahat and Alexandra took the the Basic (non-religious) Marriage Preparation course and felt that  while learning to communicate better they were also growing closer as a couple. Learning to Communicate Better

I liked that we were made to talk in a different way, holding hands made us more in tune and that together we are against problems and we are two in this marriage. We are willing to fight for this relationship and that we will learn little by little what we lack if we are willing to talk. I liked that the course talks about several steps, about how to take the various points of view, and talk about things that we had not thought of. – Jahat

I consider that it was very useful in the part in which they challenged us to talk about a specific problem that had not been resolved, since in reality we did have a problem that we had not wanted to discuss because we lacked maturity when talking. But with the support from this course we were able to discuss the idea of adding to our relationship and we did it calmly, in an orderly manner, trying to solve the problem and not make it bigger, which is why I think it was very helpful and helped us grow as a couple and mature in the area of communication. – Alexandra

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