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Is Marriage Preparation (pre-marital counseling) for us?

Many engaged couples wonder if marriage preparation, or pre-marital counseling, is right for them. We believe that couples who invest time in a marriage preparation course from a professional, church or organization can expect to grow closer and be more prepared for marriage when they say “I do!” and begin the long and loving journey as husband and wife.

Although your decision to be engaged will always be one of the most memorable milestones of your life as a couple, your engagement does not necessarily mean that from here to eternity you will live happily ever after. You are very wise to spend time, not just on wedding planning, but also on planning for marriage by focusing on your relationship and deepening the love you already have for each other.

Preparing for marriage and setting your sights on a future of happiness and good communication with the help of one of the Online Marriage Preparation courses will give you the tools you will need for a long and happy life of commitment.

The months leading up to your wedding day will be the perfect time to solidify the foundation you have already built for your marriage partnership. The time between now and then need not be only for planning wedding showers, deciding who you will invite to your wedding, making all the wedding arrangements and planning your honeymoon, but also, and more importantly, a time to focus on what matters the most – the life you want to build together.

This is what one couple who took one of our online marriage preparation courses, Jolene and Greg, had to say:

Jolene: The marriage preparation conversations really helped Greg and I learn more about each other, realize how much we love each other and it helped us address things that will arise in our marriage. The insights and inspirations Rev. Frank gave were priceless. 

Greg: I really enjoyed this course and appreciate Rev. Frank’s help. This online course was very well planned and laid out so that it was easy to follow. I think Jolene and I have learned many new tools that will help us in our marriage. Thank you.

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