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How to Prepare for and Plan a Christian Wedding Ceremony

Person Busy Preparing for WeddingMarriage is one of the most sacred events to happen in life. A wedding ceremony should be a direct reflection of the eternal promise that you’re making to your life partner and to God.

For those celebrating their wedding ceremony in the Christian tradition, planning the ceremony requires the right preparation and the right people.

Online Marriage Preparation has some tips on how to prepare for and plan for a Christian wedding ceremony.

Do Your Research
There’s plenty to read up on beforehand to understand just what exactly the biblical interpretation of a Christian wedding ceremony is and what parts of that you want to incorporate into your ceremony. Have some fun online learning what you can about the Christian perspective of marriage. Ask for advice from Christian friends and couples you respect. Do some research about Christian traditions and consider ones you might want in your own ceremony (and marriage). Experience the “Faith” and “Our Wedding Day” conversations which are a part of the online marriage preparation eCourse.

Meet with your Pastor
The pastor overseeing your ceremony is your unofficial wedding planner. He or she will be responsible for the ceremony and will walk you through the ceremony’s many moving parts. Embrace this relationship; meet with him/her as much as recommended leading up to the wedding. When your wedding day comes, this will pay off when you feel relaxed about the process itself.

Be Present in the Church
This one goes without saying: one of the best ways you can prepare for a Christian wedding ceremony is by being an active Christian yourself. This entails being involved in your church, reading up on biblical texts, and practicing the spiritual disciplines of daily prayer and devotional reading. Don’t think of your wedding day the final exam! Your wedding is the beginning of a life of faith and worship that you will share in your marriage for years to come.

At Online Marriage Preparation, we offer Christian eCourses to help brides and grooms prepare for the journey of marriage. One of the conversations will help you write your own vows. Another will help you write prayers that can be given to your officiant and included in your ceremony. Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson is a marriage preparation coach and wedding officiant who can help you plan and prepare for you Christian ceremony. For more information on the class he offers, contact today!