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What did you do in order to get your first driver’s license? Didn’t you complete a driver’s education course with a certified driving instructor. You devoted several months of study and practice, you watch some videos and learned the laws of driving. Then, you took the driving and the written tests, and if you passed, you were able to get your license.

Thank God that getting a marriage license doesn’t involve all of that, but there are some skills you can learn to navigate the path of married life. It’s best to do it with a certified instructor or coach. During the months leading up to the time when you will get you license to be married, it will be a good thing to practice some of your communication skills, try out some new methods for resolving conflicts and making decisions together, explore some of the laws and principles of good relationships, and discuss the future and what it will be like to share the road together.

I see myself as a coach, educator and someone who has been on the marriage road for almost 39 years. It’s my joy to be your guide as you prepare for the loving journey of marriage. Congratulations! Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson

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