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Gilberto and Jennifer – Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Gilberto and Jennifer learned that having difficult conversations is crucial to maintaining a healthymaintaining a healthy relationship relationship. While taking the Basic (Non-religious) Marriage Prep course they had the opportunity to open up and talk about some of these difficult issues in a healthy way.

I thought this course was helpful for Jennifer and I to discuss topics that we might be reluctant to discuss because they might cause conflict in our relationship. Those topics are crucial to talk about because they can determine how healthy a relationship is. I recommend other couples to take this course. It is a great way to initiate complex conversations. – Gilberto

This course helped Gil and I talk about a lot of critical things we have been putting off such as finances and expectations. I also think the resolving conflict course has been helpful because it allowed us to talk about a pain point that we always argued about. Overall, I thought the conversation dates were meaningful and allowed us to grow closer. I would highly recommend this course to other couples. – Jennifer

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