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Emily and Jady – We Highly Recommend This Course

Emily and Jady highly recommend the Catholic Marriage Prep course from Online Marriage Preparation:

I would recommend this course to anybody, even if you aren’t getting married. It brought so much moreemily and jady highly recommend this online marriage preparation course knowledge and understanding. It really brought us closer and we were able to connect on a deeper level and we really enjoyed doing each module and reading through each other’s answers.  Rev. Frank is so quick to respond back which is another added bonus. – Emily

I personally enjoyed taking the time to think about the questions being asked and openly express how I truly felt about them. With that being said, I enjoyed sharing my responses with my spouse even more, and laughing as well as being surprised with one another’s responses pertaining to certain questions. It was really eye opening and helped me see things from my spouse’s point of view as well and get out of my own realm, which I find harder to do at times.

I would also recommend this course to any couple and will definitely be sharing it with friends of my own who have weddings coming up this year. – Jady