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I have worked with hundreds of engaged couples planning for their weddings, and every couple is very busy and dealing with much added stress. Some of this comes from the financial cost of the wedding, dealing with requests, even demands, from family members, and all of the expectations couples have to make their wedding day special and unique (perfect?). In the midst of all of this preparation is there time to add marriage preparation to the mix? Yes, there is, and in fact, the time you spend as a couples enjoying the meaningful, guided conversations in this course will diminish the stress, help to focus your attention on what’s most important and refresh your love. Here’s what Anne and Mat wrote after completing the course:

Anne: I have found that this course has been wonderful in helping us to prepare for our wedding day and marriage. The structure and conversations were great help in making sure we spoke and shared on all the important topics. Being able to have the personal conversations in our home was a big bonus. I’m so glad that we completed this course. I feel that this has set Mat and I up for great success in our marriage and as a couple. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is gong to be making the commitment of marriage. The course not only helps you be honest with your partner, but also with yourself.

Mat: I would say I found the most value in the structure of the class. It allowed us to dive deep into many topics of discussion that are important to our marriage. It also helped present our strengths and opportunities to each other to help us have items to improve upon during our marriage. I would strongly recommend this class to other couples going through the marriage process. Many of the topics discussed are not commonly discussed prior to marriage in such detail. The course is a great preparation for our lives together. I also enjoyed the online format, because it allowed us to set our own structure and time table to follow, and it also made some of the more difficult topics easier to discuss in the comfort of our home.

So was it worth their time? Obviously, and it increased their readiness for marriage and their wedding day, even more than choosing the perfect venue, the cake and and food tasting. When couples complete this eCourse, they are much more ready for the “I do!” when it comes. Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson

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