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David and Daniela – Heartfelt and Powerful Conversations

David and Daniela recently completed the Basic Non-Religious marriage preparation course from They expressed their gratitude in taking this course for the “thoughtful, heartfelt and powerful conversations” that it provided.

Here is what David and Daniela had to say about their experience:

“Thank you for allowing us to participate in this experience. If I am being honest, before I started I was expecting a tedious series of lectures and checkboxes. However, what came next were very thoughtful, heartfelt and powerful conversations with my future spouse: moments of crying, laughter and most importantly, closeness. This course allowed us to be more open about sensitive or delicate subjects and brought us closer than before we started. It made me realize how much I love Daniela, and how I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with her. I cannot recommend this course enough.” – David

“At first I felt a little bit hesitant and unsure about how these conversations would go. In my mind they seemed like conversations we had already had throughout our relationship. However, once we began writing our answers and actually having these conversations, I really enjoyed it. It felt very good to actually voice all the things I love about David to him and tell him all the things that he does to make me feel loved. It was also very nice to hear him say all those things to me. The talks on parents, love life, and money and leisure I think were also very important because sometimes we assume what the other is thinking (to avoid having an important or at times uncomfortable conversation). We were happy to realize that we were both on the same page on many aspects. I think that these conversations truly helped us improve our communication and therefore made our relationship stronger than it already is. I think it made us think more about our future together and better prepare for our marriage. After these conversations, we probably will, at a given time, complete the rest of the conversations.” – Daniela

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