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Cynera and Shashwat – It Was Romantic and Heartfelt!

“It was romantic and heartfelt” was one of the reasons that Cynera and Shashwat raved about their experienceit was romantic and heartfelt with the Catholic Marriage Prep pre-Cana Course from Online Marriage Prep.

Here’s more of what they shared:

This course has been one of the best couple exercises we have done together. I expected the course to help strengthen us spiritually, but it did so much more than that. I’ve really enjoyed having deep discussions when doing each assignment. We talked for hours. It was romantic and heartfelt and really sweet. He said the nicest things to me, stuff he has not spoken about for years now.

I think the most helpful assignment was resolving issues. While we have spoken about this issue before, what we had not done was sit together and think of all possible solutions and the timeline to implement them. This has been massively beneficial for us, and I really thank you. I feel like the biggest change after this course is that our communication is so much better. I feel closer to him than ever and it is a wonderful feeling leading up to the wedding! –Cynera

Some of my favorite exercises we did during the course were ‘Our parents’ and ‘Before we say I do’. I really liked the ‘parents’ assignment because it nudged me towards thinking about what our relationship is like now and what has been my contribution towards making it better. I believe I can do more to improve our relationship and will work on that in the future. I really liked taking ‘Before we say I do’ because it reminded me of all the reasons we chose each other. Exercises like ‘money’ and ‘resolving issues’ were great for setting us up with a healthy foundation going into the marriage. They were very helpful. I would say that I am a changed person after this course because I introspected a lot more on things that I take for granted. I now know why the Reverend said that when you do the first exercise together, you will definitely do all of them. We were a very firm part of that statistic. – Shashwat

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