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Cori and Rik – Learning to Prioritize Each Other and their Relationship

Cori and Rik completed the Basic (Non-Religious) Marriage Prep course and were reminded toLearning to Prioritize Each Other and the Relationship prioritize each other and the relationship.

Thank you for this course! It was a nice way to refocus on what’s important and why we’re getting married. It can be easy to get bogged down in the details of day-to-day life, and this was a lovely way to remember to prioritize each other and our relationship as we move forward. We will definitely be using the format outlined in the Issues section to apply to future arguments. I really liked that structure and how it focused on both our individual needs as well as the needs of us as a couple. Thank you! – Cori

As for the course, I will say that it really made us have conversations that we would otherwise not have had in the aftermath of an argument. This way, we got to hear each other out (really hear each other) instead of being in a headspace where we’re simply waiting for the other to finish. Thank you! – Rik

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