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Claudia and Roberto – Vulnerable and Fun Conversations

Vulnerable and fun conversations were a highlight for Claudia and Roberto when they took the Basic (Non-Religious) Marriage Prep Course from Vulnerable and Fun Conversations

This was a fantastic course!!! I never expected to have such vulnerable, fun, and delightful conversations with my partner. Through each step, I grew more excited and admired the person I am about to marry and the team we are starting to form. It also was an excellent exercise to honor the family I come from and the one that I am about to be part of and create with my partner. Thank you for this great resource!! Your kindness and open-heartedness could be felt through the screen. We loved being guided by Rev. Dr. Frank. – Claudia

This course was very insightful for me. Some of the topics that are covered were discussed previously months ago. Nevertheless, it’s great to bring them back to the table and open your heart to share it as a couple. It was enjoyable for me to express my love to my girlfriend through some of the answers to the exercises as well as receive it from her. In addition, the Issues and Conflicts exercise was helpful because we obtained better information on the root causes of our discussions and how to be more aware of the resolutions. In general, I would definitely recommend the teachings of Reverend Dr. Frank, Thank you so much! – Roberto

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