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Carmen and Stephen took the Basic Marriage Prep course together but via distance video chat. They both say they enjoyed the quality time spent with each other and particularly benefitted from the Resolving Issues portion of the course.

Dr. Frank Nelson, thank you so much for this course. I really enjoyed having these conversations with Stephen. We have been dating for more than a year and a half, and while I think we have good communication, there are always difficult things to talk about, and this course helped us to do it in a respectful and effective manner. I enjoyed being able to learn more about my fiancé and I am grateful we now have the tools to have effective conversations and resolve issues together, as the team we aspire to be. Thank you so much. – Carmen

Dr. Rev. Nelson, thank you for your online guidance through the pre-marriage course.  What I enjoyed most about it was spending time with my fiancée.  We are still separated so it was all done online through video calls.  We filled out all the lessons together and discussed our answers. I was pleased to see how much we agreed on issues.  I was a bit surprised at how the Resolving Issues portion went because we honestly couldn’t think of a good issue to discuss up until a few minutes before we started.  We thought it wouldn’t be a big issue, but it did turn out to be more of one than expected.  Nonetheless, we came to a resolution.  We jokingly said that maybe we’ll use that form every time we have an issue to discuss.  We’ll remember the conversations we had while taking this course. Thank you for your congratulations and well-wishes beforehand. – Stephen

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