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Brianna and Christopher – Open Communication About the Future

Brianna and Christopher took the Basic Marriage Prep course from Online Marriage Preparation and they found the courseOpen Communication About the Future helped them to re-focus on why they are getting married and communicate more openly about their future together.

Dear Rev. Frank, I really enjoyed this course for my fiancé and I. It was good to have some deeper conversations about our love for each other, our want/needs for our future, and conflicts. This course helped bring us back to the reason why we do truly love each other and why we are choosing to get married, especially in the midst of wedding planning and the stress that comes with it. The conversations never felt forced and flowed very easily. I enjoyed the simplicity of the sections, they were not too hard of questions, but enough to get good conversations flowing.

Though, my fiancé and I know each other pretty well (and would be a little scary for couples if they didn’t know the answer to some of these questions) it still was good for us to re-surface some of these conversations. I would recommend this course to any of my friends getting married because I think it helps you fully understand the views of what you and your partner want going forward as a married couple.– Brianna

I enjoyed this marriage class. I liked how it was broken up into sections and that we were able to talk about each section one at a time. All of these sections are important issues for marriage, and I felt it did a good job covering all of them. I also enjoyed that there were lots of positive outcomes from these discussions. I felt encouraged that we found good solutions through open discussions on the many topics. Some of these topics may not have come up until it was too late into our marriage, so it was good to start those conversations now in this course.

I would recommend this course to any of my friends who are engaged and explain to them how it feels even better once you are on the same page about these topics rather than avoiding them. I feel Bri and I have a better understanding of one another now that we have gone through this course, and it makes me even more excited to be married. I want nothing by happy marriages from my friends, and I know this course could help with that. – Christopher

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