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Breanna and Timothy – Getting to Know Each Other Better

Getting to know your spouse in deeper and more meaningful ways is a lifelong pursuit. Breanna and Timothy found that as they completed the Catholic Marriage Prep course they not only learned valuable tools for communication and conflict resolution, they realized they were also getting to know each other better.

This course allowed me and my fiancé to have the “hard conversations,” and if it weren’t for this course, I am notGetting to Know Each Other Better sure when we would’ve talked about these very important topics such as: where we will pull our weight, strengths, and weaknesses, how we want to raise our kids, where our in-laws will play a role in our life, employment dreams/goals, etc. I am so grateful for this course; it allowed me to get to know my fiancé better and truly appreciate his perspective on these topics. I feel so much closer to him and even more confident about our decision to get married. I would suggest this course to anyone!  – Breanna

The marriage prep course was great for Bre and I’s marriage preparations and marriage growth. The enjoyable and helpful parts centered around having conversations that we may have never thought to have had if we had not done the course. Learning things about each other’s past, or how we were each raised gives us a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other. To other couples I would say dive in and put your heart into this preparation, it is important and will only make your love for each other, and faith as a couple stronger.  – Timothy

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