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Braden and Cassidy – Highly Recommend Marriage Prep

Braden and Cassidy completed the Christian (Non-denominational) Marriage Prep course and experienced a variety of emotions as they went through each module. They both recommend this course to engaged couples looking to  have good conversations and experience increased intimacy.

Thank you so much for the online course. I think it was great to have no distractions and open up and have goodbrayden and cassidy Highly Recommend Marriage Prep conversations. It was so easy to speak deeply and be vulnerable when it’s just the two of us completing this at home. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is also in the process of getting married. Thank you again, greatly appreciated! – Braden

Thank you for putting this together. My fiancé and I have sat down and completed this course over the last few weeks. We have had so many great conversations due to being asked some of those difficult questions and have learned so much about each others childhoods and how we each were raised. There have been many tears, laughter, and conversations from this course which has brought us together and prepared us for marriage, raising children, and living a long happy life together. I would highly recommend this course as we were able to complete it on our own time and connect without feeling vulnerable in the presence of others. – Cassidy

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