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Becky and Dave just completed the Christian eCourse

Becky and Dave are planning for marriage in June of 2014 and they have just evaluated their experience.

Becky: Dear Rev. Frank, thank you so much for designing the online course. It was great being able to complete the conversations in the comfort of our own home and at our own pace. The conversations allowed us to see how close and connect we are. We had a lot of the same answers – sometimes it was a little freaky! I feel we are more connected today than at the beginning of the process. It is nice to sit down and really think about the topics your presented. Thank you! Becky

Dave: Dear Rev. Frank, I think this program was a great success. It gave me even more reassurance that Becky and I are meant to be together. I really enjoyed doing it online because it allowed us to do it at our own pace and really take the time to think about and answer the questions. The material was a great source to get the conversation started and we had a lot of good talks during the course. They also helped us talk about things we didn’t really think about before. Thanks you, Dave

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