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Allison and Chris – Our relationship grew and deepened

Allison & Chris took our Basic Marriage Prep course and say it helped them tackle tough topics. As as a result, their relationship grew and deepened. They recommend it for couples looking to start their marriage on a strong foundation.

This course was very helpful to me because it got us out of our comfort zone and had us talk about difficult topics. I believe weGrowing and Deepening our Relationship learned a lot about each other in this course. We had important discussions that we wouldn’t necessarily have thought about without prompts. I enjoyed the couple’s quiz we took that told us a lot about different topics that we agreed upon or needed to work on.

I would tell other couples that this is a great course to start your marriage journey with. I also like that we continue to do these assignments on our anniversaries to keep up with what we are learning and what we will need to learn about each other through our marriage. Thank you! – Allison

When I first found this course for pre-marital counseling, I didn’t know what to expect or how much my fiance and I would get out of it. I was pleasantly surprised how much it has helped our relationship grow and deepen over the course of the conversations. It was very enjoyable and helpful to have each conversation that we could complete on our own timeline.

To other couples who are thinking about taking a course like this, I would highly recommend this course! It makes sure you cover many of the main topics that tend to be arguments or friction points between couples after marriage if they haven’t discussed them previously. Lastly, we did take the optional Couple Check Up quiz that highlighted areas where we have strengths and also areas where we have room for improvement. Very helpful to have that kind of insight into our relationship as we approach marriage. Thank you for providing this course! – Chris

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