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Alexandra and Andre – Communication is Vital

After completing the Christian (Non-Denominational) Course, Alexandra and Andre learned that good communication is vital for resolving conflict in marriage.communication is vital

I am so glad that we chose to complete this course.

Andre and I are in a very unique situation, which can be hard on both of us at times. Communication is so vital. Even more so, effective communication. We both absolutely agree on this, but we have found it hard at times. This course has given us a much better understanding of each other and our individual needs. We found a way to communicate more openly and honestly and were able to express things we might not have before.

I learned so much about my husband to be and it has made me appreciate him more and fall deeper in love with him. The entire course was amazing and the Rules for Resolving Conflict has really made us both think and revisit some of the conflicts we had in the past and think about how we could have dealt with them better. I have printed them, and we will read them out on our wedding day, sign them and then frame them for our future house together.

I want to tell all couples that are considering this course, please do it. I pray for all couples to have a blessed, wonderful marriage and I can say with complete confidence that this course will help you achieve that. God bless you Rev Dr Nelson for giving us the opportunity to learn from you and we will definitely be going back to this course again and again. – Alexandra

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