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Julian and Alena- Discussing Deeper Topics

Discussing deeper topics through the guided questions provided by the Catholic Marriage Prep Course allowed Alena and Julian to get to know each other better. They said the online format of worked perfectly for them because they are livingGetting to know each other better through catholic marriage prep long-distance for a time.

I really enjoyed the preparation, and I can honestly say it brought us closer together. After the second session we had, I felt very good about my decision to be with my fiancé because I could see how similar we are. So many of the questions we answered with a similar view, and we talked about deeper topics and laughed together. I’m glad we had an opportunity to do the preparation online because my fiancé and I live in two different countries, and this was the only option we had. Thank you for creating it! – Alena

Thank you for creating the online preparation. It helped us to do it even when being apart from each other. I liked the questions that are asked because it requires very well and exact thinking about our imagination of being married to each other. All together I think it helped us to grow closer and be more sure about our decision. – Julian

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