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Addie and Steve – A Fun and Useful Experience

The Basic Marriage Prep course from Online Marriage Preparation was a “fun and useful experience!” Addie & Steve say it helped them have deep conversations, even after 7 years together! They learned valuable tools for navigating their future marriage and even gained inspiration for wedding vows.

I found this course really helpful to guide conversation between my partner and me. We have been together for over 7addie and steve small years, but I learned a lot about him from these guided conversations. I think that this has given us some tools to use moving forward for a better marriage. I also think this helped me think through what I want to say to my partner in our wedding vows as well as to my parents on our wedding day. I would say to other couples that it is worth the time. – Addie

I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about important issues in a guided and intentional format. I also found the guide to resolve issues to be helpful. Overall, it was a fun and useful experience that brought us closer together. I would say to other couples that this is a good opportunity to slow down amid wedding planning and focus our attention on the most important part of the marriage: our relationship and our reasons for getting married. – Steve

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