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About Online Marriage Preparation

The “Yes!” of an engagement marks an exciting and life-changing milestone in any couple’s life. Congratulations on taking the first step toward entering the world of wedding planning and marriage. This can be a stressful and overwhelming time, but also, a great time to focus on each other as your love deepens. Couples who invest time in a marriage preparation course from a professional, church or organization can expect to grow closer and be more prepared for marriage when they say “I do!” and begin the long and loving journey as husband and wife. Although your decision to be engaged will always be one of the most memorable milestones of your life as a couple, your engagement does not necessarily mean that from here to eternity you will live happily ever after. You are very wise to spend time, not just on wedding planning, but also on planning for marriage by focusing on your relationship and deepening the love you already have for each other.

During the years since my early retirement from being a pastor, I have met with more than 200 couples to guide them along the path toward marriage with an enjoyable and effective premarital counseling course. It is now my privilege to be able to offer to you the same tools and guidance that I offered to them, but rather than meeting with me in person, we will be meeting through the online marriage preparation course. It’s an innovative, enjoyable and thorough approach to premarital counseling. After you choose one of the online e-courses, I will guide you, step-by-step, as you prepare for a strong and enduring marriage.

Some think of “premarital counseling” as a time to evaluate your relationship to see if you are compatible and right for each other. I see it more as an exciting time to deepen the love you have by discovering more about each other and what’s important to both of you in life and marriage. And so, my approach is all about communication, which I believe to be the key to success in marriage. During the easy-to-use, guided conversations in this course you will be able to enjoy much good communication that will focus on your relationship and the future to which you are both committed.

In a world where marriage separations and divorce are common, newlyweds face increasingly difficult odds. Expert marriage preparation with the guidance of a professional is advisable for any couple planning to be married. Preparing for marriage and setting your sights on a future of happiness and good communication with the help of one of the TalkPoints online e-courses will give you the tools you will need for a long and happy life of commitment.

The time between your engagement and wedding day will bring a flurry of emotions and stresses, from joy and excitement, to fear and anxiousness. Channeling this emotional energy can strengthen your relationship and help you to build a more solid foundation for marriage, but good communication is an imperative ingredient in building a solid foundation for your partnership. The TalkPoints e-courses will give you the tools you need to make good communication and non-defensive conflict resolution a natural and easy part of your relationship. It will deepen your understanding and mutual respect that in turn will prepare the way for a better marriage and more satisfying life. The online e-courses are guaranteed to do that.

TalkPoints offers three unique e-courses to choose from, so you choose the one that best fits who you are as a couple:

1) The Basic E-Course is a non-faith-based course that will help to improve your communication, deepen your love and remind you of what is really important in your relationship. It is designed to open the lines of communication and prepare you for your marriage and the inevitable challenges of marriage. Completing this course will help you have a strong, successful and satisfying marriage.

2) The Christian E-Course is similar to the Basic E-Course, but is especially designed for engaged Christian couples who come from Protestant backgrounds. During the course, you and your partner will not only improve your communication, but also, be able to talk about your faith in natural and easy ways. Since no two people believe exactly the same things about life and faith, it is important for you to talk openly about your beliefs. As you do, you will both expand your understanding and faith.

3) The Catholic E-Course is similar to the Christian E-Course but with a special emphasis on marriage preparation for couples who come from the Roman Catholic tradition. During the course you will be able to talk about marriage as one of the seven sacraments. In addition to the ten guided conversations and video teaching sessions, you will also enjoy a video presentation by Father Tom Walker on the “Sacrament of Marriage.” You will also be introduced to “Natural Family Planning” and some of the resources available to you by a couple who has practice this method in their marriage. Some priests offer this Catholic E-Course as the fulfillment of the requirement that couples have to complete a marriage preparation course. Ask your priest if this is an option for you, and upon request, I am happy to provide more information to your priest.

Fortunately, the online e-courses offer to you the expertise I have gained after 40 years of being a pastor and the personal knowledge I have gained after 40 years of being a husband. You don’t have to set up an appointment with me or find your way to my office to complete the course. You will find that one of the great advantages of this approach is that the course comes to you in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Some have completed the entire course in a week, while others have savored the experience over several weeks and even months. You set the schedule.

For more information about the three e-courses, please follow the steps above, or contact me at your earliest convenience. You may want to take a look at the sample conversation or watch a brief introduction to what’s involved in each of the courses by clicking one of the purple buttons above. Also, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about any of the courses.

The months leading up to your wedding day will be the perfect time to solidify the foundation you have already built for your marriage partnership. The time between now and then need not be only for planning wedding showers, deciding who you will invite to your wedding, making all the wedding arrangements and planning your honeymoon, but also, and more importantly, a time to focus on what matters the most – the life you want to build together. Congratulations!

– Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson